Thursday, January 6, 2011

Review: After

By Amy Efaw
Viking Juvenile
August 2009
ISBN-10: 0670011835
ISBN-13 9780670011834

What it’s about…..

Devon Davenport at first glance seems like your typical overachieving high school student. She gets great grades and is the star player of her schools varsity soccer team. Imagine everyone’s surprise, however, when Devon turns up on the news because of a deep dark secret.  A jogger found something she had tried to get rid of, but failed to do so…a baby.

We follow Devon from the moment the police realize she is the culprit to her court hearing which is done to decide whether she should be tried for attempted murder as and adult. (she’s 15)  For most of it she is dazed and confused, having put herself in a trance like state after the baby was born. She is asked by many people, doctors and police included why she did what she did, but mentally she is so far gone from denial that she literally does not remember committing  the crime.

What I think….

Obviously this is a very touchy subject.  The author could have easily been able to slant the story in which ever direction she felt like.  She did not do that, however, and was able to write the novel in such a way that the reader has all the information needed to have a verdict all their own.  The story is thought provoking and fluid in terms of it’s timeline and all in all I think it is a great book.  I would suggest though it be read by older teenagers as some of the descriptions are quite graphic.  All in  a definite must read!


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