Thursday, January 6, 2011

Review: Perfect Chemistry

Perfect ChemistryBy Simone Elkeles
 December 2008
Walker & Co.
ISBN-10: 0802798225
ISBN-13: 9780802798220
What it’s about…

Alex and Brittany in terms of how they live their lives and their backgrounds, are polar opposites.  Brittany lives in the affluent part of town, she wears the big names in terms of clothing and is part of the popular clique. Plus, her boyfriend is the star football player of their schools team. All that perfection is only a façade, however, her biggest issue that she hides from others is the fact that she has an older sister with physical and mental disabilities and is constantly fighting with her parents about what is best for her.

Alex’s life is not easy by any means either.  He is a gang member by necessity in order to protect his family as best he can from the violence in the area they live.  Recently the stakes have gotten much higher and he is asked by one of the higher – ups to help with a drug smuggling operation.

Alex and Brittany have known each other for ages in a casual way for many years, but it is not until they are made lab partners by their tyrannical chemistry teacher that they actually interact.. To say they didn’t  get along at first is an understatement…..

What I think……

Perfect Chemistry it seems to me like a present day Romeo and Juliet .  Unlike Romeo and Juliet, however, the words used are a lot less complicated! I enjoyed this book a lot! it teaches some life lessons without being preachy and the amount of violence is not overly exaggerated and definitely authentic.


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