Thursday, January 6, 2011

REVIEW: Promises to Keep

Promises to Keep: A NovelBy Jane Green
June 2010
Viking Press
ISBN-10: 0670021792
ISBN-13: 9780670021796

For a few novels now Jane Green has shied away from the story lines that had made her famous.  No longer do we see the hip young working girls trying to balance family, finding love, and a career. Sure, bits and pieces of those elements can be but she seems to gone a more adult contemporary route rather then chick lit.

What’s it about? . . .

Promises to Keep (Jane’s 12th novel) is about to sisters Callie and Steffi who (surprise surprise) are polar opposites. Callie is the older more put together sibling of the two.  She is happily married with two children and a thriving photography business that she does from home. Steffi, is the free spirit who has recently become a bit more responsible and is quickly becoming the chef de cuisine at a vegan hot spot in NYC.  Soon after we meet Steffi one of her regular patrons offers her rent free his house is a rural Connecticut town in exchange for house and dog sitting. Since she recently broke up with her latest boyfriend she is itching to get out of her familiar surroundings and try something new, she accepts the offer.

Another plus to accepting the job is that she can be closer to her sister who is a short drive away from where she will be staying! This is and extra special plus considering that four years previous her sister, though now in remission was diagnosed with breast cancer, which has taught the entire family the preciousness of life.

What I think.  .  .  .

I wasn’t really able to get into her last couple of novels like Dune Road because of the change in style, but this novel I enjoyed.  I had an authenticity to it that many can relate to and not just because it has to do with cancer.  It is a story that I believe just about anybody can relate to that will keep you turning the pages till the very end.

4 out of 5
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