Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review: The Best Laid Plans by Lynn Schnurnberger

When I read the summary of The Best Laid Plans I actually thought it was going to be another novel of the same, starting to get tired, totally devoted wife gets the rug pulled out from under her and has to learn to survive on her own.  Tru Newman, is the stereotypical society mom at the start of this novel putting the finishing touch on her latest charity function.  Her inventive decorations though are not the topic of conversation that evening though, her marriage however; is.  No, it’s not what your thinking, or what I thought, but something equally negative, her husband three months prior lost his job and has neglected to tell her hoping her would find another before having to break the news.

What I like most about Tru is her determination.  Rather then just sit and pout about the dire straits of their finances she mulls over the possibilities with her best friend Sienna who after being replaced as star anchor at the local TV news station, could use some extra cash herself.  After hearing her husbands money manager discussing the dating woes of young shy guys like himself she hatches a plan.  She, Sienna and Barry (the money manager) start The Veronica Agency a high end call girl (though they them courtesans) company that supplies socially awkward young business men with  beautiful an well read dates.

Yes, I know the whole idea is definitely on the tawdry side and I did not warm up to the idea right away, but its more of the idea of her branching out on her own that really got me to keep reading.  Sure, her husband did get another job working for a sexy young neighbor helping her build her beauty company.  This is something that Tru did on her own, giving her a stronger sense of self worth then she had before.  Sure, she always knew she was a awesome and well appreciated wife and mother, now though, she can add businesswoman to the list!

I cannot give this a perfect review however because certain parts could easily been taken out. A couple of the situations you can read coming ages before and sometimes the author goes a bit overboard analyzing our protagonists feelings.  If you are looking for a fun, light and uplifting read though, give this books a try!


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