Monday, May 9, 2011

REVIEW: The Baby Planner

Katie Johnson has just recently been laid off due to a government cutback.  Her job was working for a child safety commission for the state of California.  She and her boss Helen  helped parents file claims against companies who produced safe and sometimes deadly baby and child products.  After having done this job for many years Katie does not know what to do with herself, so she throws herself into helping one of her younger sisters prepare for the arrival of their second child.

Katie loves children, but sadly her husband to this point has not been agreeable on the subject forever procrastinating on the reasons why it’s “just not a good time.’  Katie in preparation for a shopping trip with her pregnant sister creates this HUGE binder with information she has gathered during the time at her job and other interesting baby information and brings it too their outing.  They are quickly noticed by a fellow mom-to-be who questions them about said binder and Voila! The idea is born!  

Katie names the company Making Mommies Smile and quickly gets about a half a dozen clients thanks to her sisters setting up a small party to celebrate/explain the business to the invited guests and in some cases just some dumb luck.  Each of her clients is different and a little off kilter, but Katie handles each situation and client with grace and patience that I wish I had.

I enjoyed this book immensely, it kept a good pace and though it seems at first like it will play out predictably, it did not, with fantastic, sometimes almost unbelievable result.  I myself have no children at this time.  It definitely got me thinking though of when that times comes just how much goes into just preparing for motherhood!


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