Sunday, October 16, 2011

REVIEW:Then Came You

By Jennifer Wiener
July 2011
Atria Books
ISBN-10: 1451617720
ISBN-13: 9781451617726
5 out of 5

Then Came You is the latest novel by Jennifer Wiener.  I have always loved Jens books from the time I read In Her Shoes I was hooked.  Though one of the things I love about chick lit books is the rich fabulous looking Carrie Bradshaw type woman Jens characters are more real. 
            Bettina for example is one of the women in this book, she is the daughter of a wealthy businessman whose mother left her family for an ashram some years ago.  Ever since then Bets has been very protective of her father.  So, when he marries someone more then 10+ years younger she is enraged.  She smells a gold digger and doesn’t want her father being hurt again.  She hires a team of private detectives to do some digging about her past.
            The new wife, whose name is India is enjoying being a newlywed. Having had a hard upbringing with emotionless grandparents and being dismissed by her mother when she is sent to live with her as a teenager, India has had to fight for everything she’s gotten in life. Now she can reap the rewards of that hard work and enjoy the spoils.  Her and her new husband Marcus are even planning to have a baby! Though due to more then one failed IVF, they have decided to go with a donor egg and surrogate.
            The Surrogate is Annie, the same age as Bettina she has taken a much different path. Marrying soon after graduating high school before her husband went into the army, she is now the proud mother of two children.  Though she loves them dearly, she is looking to do more, but money is tight and she wants to be able to help provide for her family, but really does not have the time or the skills for a regular job.
            Last, but nowhere near least is Jules who is about to graduate from Princeton when she is approached by a man while eating at the food court at a local mall.  He says to her that she is very beautiful (which she is very used to) and asks if she has ever thought of donating her eggs.  Though this is something she ordinarily would never consider the donation payout is rather considerable and she might finally be able to get her dad into rehab.
            After reading all this, I am sure the storyline seems a little heavy, but it is very readable.  Jennifer definitely did her research on this topic and each character in there own way was an ingredient towards making the story a whole. Each has their own part to play and lessons that they need to learn.  Each of these characters too, I could easily see bits and pieces of myself in.  Though some situations and personality quirks seem a bit exaggerated at times the story is solid.  This novel is for sure one of my top reads for 2011!

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