Friday, November 18, 2011

Guest Post: A little design help!

Hello everyone! My name is Sammie and I blog over at Uncharted Heart. I am also Tarah's younger sister! We've been video chatting recently and admitted to each other that we have blogs. She viewed mine and wanted some similar features so I decided to clean it up a bit. I am in the process of working on a new header and button. But I wanted you guys to know first, we have added a "Grab My Button" on the right hand side of the blog. So if you are interested and have a blog yourself. You can just click in the text box under the button, copy and paste it right into your html, or however and which ever service you blog with. Whether it is with widgets or what have you! 
Here is the updated version of her button (new one to follow in a separate post ones I'm finished with it)

Anyway I'm still working on the kinks and the text box might not be there yet. So just be patient.

Another surprise is that Tarah will be guest posting on Sunday on my very own blog.
Come on over and check out Uncharted Heart !

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