Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The DUFF is the newest novel by Kody Keplinger.  Bianca Piper is a high school senior, who when amongst, who she considers her considerably more beautiful friends is the ugly duckling.  One night when she is in a popular teen hangout in the town the schools resident playboy approaches her and starts making conversation.  This conversation is in no way positive though as he quickly tells her that the only reason he is talking to her is to impress her friends on the dance floor.  He tells her that she is a DUFF the designated ugly fat friend.   The odd girl out amongst her two bests that when she is paid attention to by the equally fabulous of the opposite sex her friends will give brownie points for paying attention to there less stellar third.  I hope this makes sense because its one of those points that for some reason I am finding hard to explain.  After hearing what the guy Wesley has to say she gives him her opinion on the subject by throwing her cherry coke in his face and storming out.

Things aren’t that great at home either.   Her mother who after writing a successful self-help book a few years ago has been anywhere, but home.  She is constantly out on book tours that started out as a few days here, a week there, but have now started to stretch into months at a time.  Her father has always been her best friend, who unfortunately has become increasingly depressed and as a result has regressed back his alcoholic ways that he had previously stopped after she was born, especially after he is served with divorce papers.

Wesley who has curiously still been pursuing her since the cherry coke meet face incident turns into a welcome diversion from her woes at home.  First as her study partner for a class project and then as a sexual partner after one of their homework breaks becomes a little intense.

I liked this novel! I thought I wouldn’t.  I was worried that just by the title alone it was going to be a rambling story of self hatred and pity, but it surprised me.  Sure it was like that in the beginning, but throughout the novel you see her grow into someone that is more beautiful on the inside as well as out by the end!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

REVIEW: Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

One of the best novels I have read lately is Unearthly by Cynthia Hand .  This novels protagonist is Clara Gardner a angel blood (technically quarter angel) who just got her purpose.  Her purpose is God’s way of telling her what her job is as a angel blood; what her destiny is.  From her first vision on, which seems to happen once a day at least, she gleans a little bit more information.  About a month goes by until she gets something solid, a license plate number from the truck owned by the boy she is supposed to save  from a forest fire.  From here her mother (a half angel) packs up her and her brother and moves them to log house on the outskirts of a town of Wyoming.  It’s  January and therefore halfway through the school year so Clara starts off at a disadvantage.  Within  hours of starting her first day, she meets Christian Prescott, the boy from her vision and within seconds of this she passes out.  Luckily, he is quite the gentleman and carries her to the nurses office.  From this point she bounces back and forth between, thinking she is in love with him and trying to figure out how she is supposed to save him from the fire in her vision that she still happens fairly often.  When not focused on Christian she finds the time to make friends and two enemies. On the friend side of the spectrum is Wendy who she meets in English class and Angela who she is paired up with in history and who she finds out is a fellow angel blood.  In terms of enemies, theirs Kay, Christians venomous girlfriend and Tucker, Wendy’s twin brother who she makes the mistake of teasing for his choice in vehicle. 

I really have started to enjoy science fiction type YA novels.  I especially enjoyed this one because the author did not try to overload me with too much info about the nephillim.  You really could understand to a point what she was going through being so different from everyone else and having all these extra things to worry about, but still trying to live her life as close to a normal teenagers as she could.  I can not wait till the sequel! 



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