Friday, May 20, 2011

Bookshelf: News!

As regulars to this blog know, I like to every once an a while write a post about a really cool blog called "Bookshelf".  This blog for those of you not in the know showcases cool, wacky, and sometimes downright weird bookshelves!  Most that the author posts about are art house finds or ones that really are not meant to hold many books.  

I went to the site today to see what I could find to show you all and found out some news that might interest you instead!  Apparently, the English paper The Guardian has started a Flickr group so that readers and fans of bookshelves alike can post their bookshelves! Click the link I have there and go check it out for yourself! Maybe even post as well!  I plan now to go there as well for those times I am feeling bookish but want to break things up a bit, so maybe someday you could see yours here!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: Summer An The City!

In this novel we rejoin Carrie after she has arrived at Samantha’s apartment! She is quickly thrust into the social scene by joining Samantha at an upscale cocktail party.  There she meets a famous playwright named Bernard and one of her writer idols who turns out to be completely arrogant and a liquor lush.  After the party she is brought back down to earth by arriving where she will live for the summer.  It is ramshackle to say the least and her landlady Peggy is mean and more then a little bit crazy.  Luckily, there is Li’l a sweet country girl from North Carolina who is also part of the New School summer writing program and a terrific poet. 
Almost immediately after arriving in New York, Carrie decides she is completely in love with it.  At first she focuses less on writing and more on exploring the vintage clothing shops and restaurants the city has to offer.  Though her tastes at 17 are nothing compared to the one we know and love from television. (think surgical scrubs instead of Kate Spade ICK!)

Carrie also starts dating Bernard who just got through a nasty divorce and is looking for some companionship.  Thanks to his influence Carrie decides to write a play for her main project at the New School, after some unsuccessful attempts at a short story. 

With her writing class and Bernard you would think she would be too busy to socialize more, but she does! She meets Miranda!  Who at this point is a women studies major in college and is already sporting her trademark short red hair, Which she explains, is her way of rebelling against her controlling family who she’s been given the opportunity to get away from.

This to me is barely scratching the surface of the novel!  I do not want to give to much away, however, so you will have to read it yourself if you want the whole story.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait for the next novel! Never has a series got me this excited since Twilight!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Review: TheUnidentified By Rae Mariz

Katey Dade aka Kid is the main character in The Unidentified by Rae Mariz.  In Katey’s world kids don’t go to school.  They attend “ The Game”  a renovated mall where life is more like a computer game then the world that we are used to.  In Kateys world the government got to the point that it could no longer procure the funds for education.  So, companies saw this as an opportunities to mold young minds (to their products) and took over.  There are no grades like 11th or 12th there are only levels 13-17.  Once a “gamer” hits level 17 they are considered graduated.  Companies act much like big brother to kids within the game and keep track of them via their Intouch (tricked out cell/GPS) and their profiles which are like MySpace and Facebook rolled into one.  A gamers most important goal is to become “branded” where a company sponsors you and whatever you create, whether it be music a product  it becomes their property.  What makes it worthwhile for the gamer though ?  Well status among their peers for one thing, but also free stuff and extra privileges like admittance into the VIP room,

Katey’s not your average gamer however, the spoils of branding do not interest her.  What matters to her most are her friends Ari and Mikey.  Ari is status hungry and craves being branded while Mikey is an adrenaline junky whose main goal in life is to just live life to the fullest an to have a good time and sometimes push the envelope.  Things are going pretty well for all of them until some other students stage a protest of sorts by throwing a dummy with a dye filled balloon head off a high balcony into a busy plaza area of the game.  Causing a stir because not until it reaches the ground do others realize it’s a dummy.  The entire display scares the crap out of Katey and starts her on a journey that no one could have predicting and changes everything.

I liked this novel.  It honestly scared me because the whole idea that’s spelled out in these pages is something that could very well come to pass someday.  With the economy the way it is and the government trying to find money just to keep congress in session this fantasy could very well become a reality if we are not careful.  I think that is what makes this a good book.  It makes you think and really question the state of all of our lives and the roll that companies and advertisers play in it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

REVIEW: The Baby Planner

Katie Johnson has just recently been laid off due to a government cutback.  Her job was working for a child safety commission for the state of California.  She and her boss Helen  helped parents file claims against companies who produced safe and sometimes deadly baby and child products.  After having done this job for many years Katie does not know what to do with herself, so she throws herself into helping one of her younger sisters prepare for the arrival of their second child.

Katie loves children, but sadly her husband to this point has not been agreeable on the subject forever procrastinating on the reasons why it’s “just not a good time.’  Katie in preparation for a shopping trip with her pregnant sister creates this HUGE binder with information she has gathered during the time at her job and other interesting baby information and brings it too their outing.  They are quickly noticed by a fellow mom-to-be who questions them about said binder and Voila! The idea is born!  

Katie names the company Making Mommies Smile and quickly gets about a half a dozen clients thanks to her sisters setting up a small party to celebrate/explain the business to the invited guests and in some cases just some dumb luck.  Each of her clients is different and a little off kilter, but Katie handles each situation and client with grace and patience that I wish I had.

I enjoyed this book immensely, it kept a good pace and though it seems at first like it will play out predictably, it did not, with fantastic, sometimes almost unbelievable result.  I myself have no children at this time.  It definitely got me thinking though of when that times comes just how much goes into just preparing for motherhood!



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