Tuesday, August 2, 2011


So, I was twitter stalking the other day......to me that means hunting around for other book bloggers, publishing companies and avid readers to follow.  While I was doing that I watched my tweets from those I'm following grow all about something called Pottermore.  I don't mean just a few tweets either try 100! So, I got the hint and decided to check it out.

All I really got out of it was a lot of confusion.  Pottermore seems to be a fan page of sorts set up by Rowling and Sony.  There is know real idea what exactly it is...when I plugged in the web address what I got was a coming soon page with information about how to join the beta and a video of the author trying to explain what's coming.  The site will not officially be open for all those who want to join until October, but if you want early access you can take part in the "magic quill" promotion. I will be trying and if I get an account I will let you all know. For now check out the website for yourself and/or watch this video.


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