Wednesday, January 4, 2012

REVIEW: Replication: The Jason Experiment

By Jill Williamson
December 2011
ISBN-10: 0310727588
ISBN-13: 9780310727583

Replication: The Jason Experiment is a story about a boy; Jason 3:3. He is one of hundreds of clones that he has been told have been chosen to "save humanity". About a month from the beginning of this book Jason is set to expire. When a clone turns 18 they are for all intensive purposes "put down" and are told by doing so they are saving the world. They are also told that the world has become a dangerous place that if they were to go outside the building where they are housed they would die because there is no oxygen only acrid fumes, which by living in expiring they are combating.

Recently Dr. Goyer has been hired by the company. Jason 3:3 likes him because he asked thoughtful questions and is not experiment on him as some of the other doctors do. One of his questions after learning about Jason 3:3 impending expiration is what is one thing that he would like to do before he dies. Jason answers that he would like to see the sky, he has seen pictures of the sky bright blue with puffy clouds in lessons, but would love to see them for himself. 

After pondering this idea for quite a while Jason decides to embark on a very dangerous plan. After having been asked the question he is obsessed now with seeing the sky and figures if he's going to die soon anyway he might as well do it by looking at the sky. So during one of their meetings he swipes Dr. Goyer’s key card and makes his escape after night falls.  Once out there he realizes that he can breathe but his happiness about this is short-lived as he hears someone coming and hides in the back of a pickup truck. Not realizing that someone has stowed away in the back of his Tacoma Dr. Goyer heads home.

What ensues from hear is a journey for everyone involved. Jason learning who he really is and what really was the plan for him. Dr. Goyer learning for the most part the clear difference between right and wrong. As well as his daughter Abby's learning that though her mother passed there still people in the world that need her.

This novel was a great read. It really showed the depths that some people would be willing to go for fear of death. It also shows the depths of love and human kindness. Though it points to speak of God though I'm a true believer seemed to get a bit preachy for me, I think the author found it necessary considering the subject matter.

4/5 and

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