Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top Five Tuesday: Books I Can't Wait to Read!

Recently, I started reading the blog, The Broke and the Bookish. They host this cool Meme called Top 10 Tuesdays. This weeks post I couldn't really think of any choices for the particular subject matter. So, I decided to choose one of the past entries.  The following is 5 books that I can't wait wait to read.  the only difference is I changed it to five for the sake of time, patience and the fact that ( don't tell anyone) I'm slightly lazy, or underachieving depending a look at, but you still love me right?

Goddess Interrupted - this book is the sequel to the Goddess Test. I absolutely love the first novel and have been waiting for months for this second installment to come out. She soon to be made Queen, but the drama is far from over.

Hallowed- This is the sequel to the novel Unearthly by Cynthia Hand. From what I've read so far from other book bloggers and reviewers it's even better than the original! If that's even possible as the first one was amazing! Hopefully, the connection between her and Christian, considering now that she knows he's a fellow part angel will be delved into more.


Spellcaster - By Cara Lynn Shultz is the sequel to spellbound which I recently read (review coming soon) even though it's been out for a while. Tt is a book I really enjoyed. The romance between the two main characters though stories like it have been written before, is unique and is very easy to get sucked into. Now that the curse is broken I wonder what happens next.


Shooting Stars - By Allison Rushby, is the story of a teenage paparazzo. I first saw it on Good Reads and thought it was an intriguing story. Here's the link to you can read a synopsis for yourself.


Incarnate -This novel comes out at the end of the month.  Is about a girl who is surrounded by a million people who have been reincarnated for 1000s of years and for some reason her own is brand-new and no one understands why. Unfortunately, this makes her an outcast, though one of the what I like to call "old souls" decides to help her figure out what happened. This book is also the first book in a series called New Soul ! *squeels*


I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love feedback in terms of what is your top five or if any of the ones I've mentioned  is on yours as well! Happy reading and thanks your patience while I battled the flu!

P. S: Is it just me or are these covers just AMAZING! 

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