Wednesday, May 23, 2012

REVIEW: Welcome Caller, This Is Chloe

Chloe Camden is a red haired, always outgoing, sometimes a walking burrito (for her part time job) girl.  Life has been good so far, she has great friends a supportive and a little kooky family.  This all seems to tailspin down  rather quickly in the  beginning  of the book.  Chloe is doing her usual job for the Mexican restaurant she works for, which entails walking up and down the block in her burrito costume handing out coupons.  She sees one of her best friends cars pull up to a light nearby and tries to start talking to her when her friend bursts out with a ‘it’s not all about you’ type retort.

While she tries to figure out what is going on with her friend, she get another unpleasant little surprise.  There is a new guidance counselor at school that insists that Chloe changes the subject of her student project to something more “worthwhile” then shoes.  Each student at her high school must work on an independent study project in order to graduate.  Her counselor suggests working for the schools radio station which she begrudgingly accepts after not being given much of a choice.

The radio station is literally on it’s last legs.  Very old equipment and lots of technical problems.  Not to mention the reigning leader of the group Clementine right off the bat does not like Chloe one bit.  They have a problem though that with Chloe’s help they may be able to fix.  They run out of funding at the end of the year, unless they can prove to the school board that the radio station is an asset to the school. Plus there is that one cute sort of dorky guy.

I enjoyed this book a lot and also like the information about running radio stations in general, which interested me.  I read the acknowledgements at the end and the author actually spent time at a nearby high schools radio station as research for her book!

4 out of 5

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