Tuesday, May 8, 2012

REVIEW: Shayla Witherwood: A Half-Faerie Tale

 Shayla Witherwood wishes she was an ordinary teenage girl, but she isn’t, she is actually half fairy.   Her mother died when she was young and her dad, though he cares, hasn’t really been in the picture for some time.  She lives currently with her grandma who for many years has been home schooling her along with her fairy trainer of sorts named Trebor.  Recently, though her grandma has decided it is time for her to go to public school.  It’s important to her because she wants Shayla to start learning the ways of the real world and how to acclimate herself to it; both her human and fairy half.

School starts off busy and confusing. Shayla quickly learns a good amount of the social hierarchy.  She makes friends, but also enemies, the head cheerleader Bree to be exact. Bree quickly decides that she hates her, because the guy Bree wants to date (who happens to be the quarterback of the football team), takes an interest in Shayla instead. 

She also has trouble with her science teacher who is anything but caring and by being strict helps her figure out her first half fairy problem.  At the end of every week there is a science lab and it is required that all students with long hair put there hair in a ponytail prior to the beginning of each lab.  Which to normal people may not seem like a big deal, but for Shayla it is because her ears are pointy and would totally give away that she is not your normal everyday teenage girl. There is also this weird sort of goth girl who shows up a few weeks after Shayla.  She’s quiet and nice, but to Shayla something seems off.

I enjoyed this book the story was well thought out, fun, and suspenseful.  I could at times really sympathize with her in certain situations because we all have something we have to deal with in life.

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