Tuesday, June 12, 2012

REVIEW: What I Didn't Say By Keary Taylor

What I Didn’t Say, I am going to tell you all right off the bat, was one of my favorite novels of the year! When I read the synopsis I assumed it was going to be one of those usual YA fiction romances, but what you get is so much more!  A book that by the end if your not tearing up or sniffling a little, you have no emotion.

Jake Hayes is a high school Senior, who has a close family and is on the football team he has got good friends too that he has known for forever.  The only thing he doesn’t have is his long time crush Samantha Shay, who made her appearance sophomore year and ever since then she’s the only girl for him.  After winning the homecoming game he even goes as far as letting a friend of his tape him professing his love to Samantha on their camera phone.  Their a little more then buzzed and for sure not thinking straight when the three friends decide to get in a car and drive to Samantha’s house so he can tell her himself.

Something goes wrong, however, and they go over a rail and crash.  The other two are okay other there a broken arm on one friend and stitches for the other.  Jake though got the brunt of the injury, have his neck speared by a piece of the car so badly that the doctors had to remove his vocal cords. 

From then on Jake is mute and has to rely on notebooks and pens to communicate with others.  At  first for good reason he is angry and doesn’t want to speak to anyone,  He is mad at himself, mad at his friends and just hates the whole situation. 

Eventually, Jake has to go back to school and endure the stares and the whispers.  He also has a class added to his schedule a independent study with Samantha. Who while he was gone made it so most of her classes were with him so she could help him.  She plans on teaching him what she knows of American Sign Language.  Hopefully they both learn something.


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