Friday, July 27, 2012

Times Almost Up to Show Your H.EA.R.T

That's right people! Angela's still looking for submissions for her anthology for Heart Animal Rescue! Deadline is July 31st.  So, put some pen to paper, fingers to keyboard and get those entries in to support a really great cause!  If you have questions, just go here to her FAQ pages concerning the project!  I took part as well writing a poem that came to be about my awesome rabbit I rescued.

My mommy saved me help Angela and H.E.A.RT save more!  ~Snowball Schaeffer

Don't worry if your submissions not accepted for this particular anthology because I have some great news.  Two more are in the works!  Thanks to the buzz created by the Heart project two other shelters are getting on the bandwagon for anthologies of their own!  I am so glad to because I love animals and doing what I love and supporting my furry, feathered and altogether fabulous animal friends really makes me feel great!

So, like I said get those submissions in!

Happy Reading!

-Update- Just talked to Angela she has moved the deadline from July 31st to August 15th due to a move from one place to a MUCH better one! For more info just visit!

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  1. Thanks for helping me share this Tarah! You are awesome and appreciated xox



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