Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Bookstore In Town!

Today I decided I am going to fill you in on some great news.  My little hamlet of a town has its first (non college textbook/school supply) bookstore!

It opened for the first time this week and I am so happy!  The only bookstores as I pointed out above in this town sell textbooks and school supplies so unless your in college their of no use to you.  It's one of the reasons I bought a kindle.  Since I am unable to drive myself anywhere outside of town, but wanted to keep up with the most current fiction.  Now I can go more half and half some kindle and some tangible.  Since they just opened this week there is still a lot of unpacking of books they need to do.   It does, however, work in poor people like myself favor as they are in strong need of used titles so if you have a particular  genre that you read and live near the town chances are if you bring books in that their needed.

I brought a bunch of older chick lit books in from before I had my kindle and luckily it was a genre that needed representation and she took all but two out of a dozen or so. There are some rules for trade-ins though so be mindful.

 *No overly obnoxiously smelling books  (tobacco/mildew)
 *No very damaged books (water damage, food, rips etc)
 *Hardbacks need to have their dust jackets
 *No magazines or readers digest type periodicals

And of coarse trade in also depends on need which ranges from 20% to 60 percent. (more if their in dire need of the title)  So, if you live near my little town go on over its owned by two great people who I've just met, but since there book people like myself I like to think their was some bonding. Also, if you would like please visit their Facebook page and like it to keep up with the latest news, promotions and local authors doing readings that are planned for the future!

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