Sunday, August 19, 2012

Scrabble Cheater!

So, I sit here watching documentaries online.  I happen upon Scrabble Wars a documentary about four competitive scrabble players nationally ranked and working their way towards the Scrabble national tournament in August of 2002.   Out of sheer interest I Google “Scrabble tournaments” and find a gem.

Being that it’s August the current national contest took place last week and there has been some drama! A competitor was pocketing blank tiles to use in future games (his name was not released due to him being a minor) of which other players caught on.  He confessed to the officials and was removed for the tourney as you would expect. 

Surprisingly, this is the first case of cheating ever to take place during the national championship.  Many players are up in arms because of the fact that this was not a simple friend playing a friend in the park, but an actual competition where their was money on the line.  First prize is 25,000.

Personally a story like this makes me glad I play scrabble on the game site Pogo.  There is no way to cheat that I am aware of via the computer and the tiles you get in this case are truly random.  All I can say is I feel bad for this kids parents, but rest assured he is probably grounded for this!



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