Saturday, November 3, 2012

REVIEW: Commencement

 By Paige Cuccaro
September 2012
 Entangled Publishing

  In this novella Emma Hellsbane our resident Empath and girl genius is having issues.  School has been going well and keeping her best friend Mijir and fellow genius’s lusty emotions out of her system is always a challenge, but predictable.  Things though have started to get complicated, however with her boyfriend of six months and school soccer star Jason.  All of the sudden he gets these waves of complete hatred that Emma senses that are completely out of character for him.

Mijir suggests that he may be possessed or something and tells Emma she should investigate a little more.  She notices when she visits Jason again that he is wearing a suspicious ring.  She asks Jason about it and he says he found it while cleaning out the garage of a professors house.  The professor allows him to keep it for helping, but as it turns out that ring though it looks cool is the genies lamp of sorts to a Jinn. 

Their the original incarnations of genies and do grant wishes, but they also, as they grant those wishes, take over the persons body until they have complete control over their victims. Emma needs to work fast before the jinn takes over her boyfriend and after him everyone at their college.

This as I said in the beginning is a novella and is only fifty pages.  I liked the story. I am an Empath myself and I know how hard it can be.  Besides that, It is a good story and even though its shorter it is well paced and a full story all its own.  It is only .99$ for kindle on Amazon. So, if your looking for a short, but fun supernatural read this a different buy.



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