Wednesday, May 30, 2012

REVIEW: Happy Families

Happy Families is not your usual family drama type novel.  Up until recently Ysabel  and her brother Justin have lived pretty perfect lives. Ysabel is artist working mostly in bead work at a place near her house called the Crucible.  Justin is the academic, with a five year plan which he hopes will hopefully lead to Stanford  He is also on the debate team which he is very good at. That is until one meet where he noticed his father, while giving his current argument....dressed like a woman,

After that, things only get worse.  With some help from their grandparents the family realized that their dad is Transgender.  Soon after the realization hits many things change.  Their father moves out to a place on the other side of the state. Ysabel spends all her time at the Crucible to stay away from the family drama, and perfect her skills.  Justin completely abandons his college plans, breaks up with a girlfriend he really likes for fear that when she finds out that she will hate him and pretty much tries to meld into the background. He does find a family members of transgender peoples support group online to help him understand.

The book after a brief prologue of how things once were, we find the twins getting ready for a trip to their dads to spend sometime with him after a long time separated.  Neither are looking forward to their little vacation.  Being that it is their spring break they would much rather do their own thing.  Neither parent will budge though on the plan so they are stuck.

What the trip turns into is a week of therapy trips  and events with other transgender folks and their families.. It seems daunting but maybe it will help...who knows?

I think book is a necessary read for many, because whether or not you have a parent or a sibling or anything who is transgender or you just want understand it better.  It for sure helped me understand better what the transition is like as well as what emotions the one who is transgender goes through, as well as the people around them,

4 out of 5

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Salon: Why I like Reading

So, there is this group I belong to on Facebook called The Sunday Salon.  Everybody pretty much pitches in by writing something book related.  Sometimes there is a topic but mostly it just includes what people are reading an other book related thoughts. They post these thoughts and responses on their blog and link it to the group so others can read.  One I read a few minutes ago was asking what genres do the readers in the book prefer and why.  I decided to take it a step further an write about why I like reading.

Some of you may or may not know this but I was born with the condition Osteogenesis Imperfecta or "brittle bone disease"  The collagen in my bones is of a poor quality so they break rather easily.  When I was little they were even softer then they are now an until I hit puberty I almost always ha something in a cast at all times.  To combat the boredom of being pretty immobile I took to reading. My mom herself was a veracious reader so she would take me to the library in a nearby town an let me pick out a few.  I LOVED it!  In those moments reading about other worlds and fictitious peoples problems made the pain I was in a bit more forgettable an literally swept me away from what I was dealing with and let me focus on something else for a little while.  I think my mom (may she rest in peace) would be honored to know that that gift she gave me of books and reading is something that will stick with me and will something I will always be thankful to her for.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

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Friday, May 25, 2012

BOOKSHELF: Butterfly!

Those of you that follow me pretty regularly know that once an a while I like to post pictures of really inventive bookshelves that I see on the blog aptly named Bookshelf.  This one is called of coarse Butterfly and i love the colors!  It has special significance because my mom died a couple of years ago and there's kind of saying that when you you see a butterfly flying by you that its actually someone close to you that passing through to let you know that there watching over you.

What do you guys think would you buy this?  I know I would if I had the cash.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

REVIEW: Welcome Caller, This Is Chloe

Chloe Camden is a red haired, always outgoing, sometimes a walking burrito (for her part time job) girl.  Life has been good so far, she has great friends a supportive and a little kooky family.  This all seems to tailspin down  rather quickly in the  beginning  of the book.  Chloe is doing her usual job for the Mexican restaurant she works for, which entails walking up and down the block in her burrito costume handing out coupons.  She sees one of her best friends cars pull up to a light nearby and tries to start talking to her when her friend bursts out with a ‘it’s not all about you’ type retort.

While she tries to figure out what is going on with her friend, she get another unpleasant little surprise.  There is a new guidance counselor at school that insists that Chloe changes the subject of her student project to something more “worthwhile” then shoes.  Each student at her high school must work on an independent study project in order to graduate.  Her counselor suggests working for the schools radio station which she begrudgingly accepts after not being given much of a choice.

The radio station is literally on it’s last legs.  Very old equipment and lots of technical problems.  Not to mention the reigning leader of the group Clementine right off the bat does not like Chloe one bit.  They have a problem though that with Chloe’s help they may be able to fix.  They run out of funding at the end of the year, unless they can prove to the school board that the radio station is an asset to the school. Plus there is that one cute sort of dorky guy.

I enjoyed this book a lot and also like the information about running radio stations in general, which interested me.  I read the acknowledgements at the end and the author actually spent time at a nearby high schools radio station as research for her book!

4 out of 5

Friday, May 18, 2012

A Call For Authors!

With the raving success of my participation in my friend Angela's End of Mae Awareness Month I have been doing some thinking.  I want to help other authors like her (ie doing there own marketing and getting their book out to the people on her own) to succeed.  To that end, I am hereby issuing a CALL TO AUTHORS!  If you have a fiction book let me know!  We will work things out however you like, review,guest posting, contests etc.  Just email me with a link to a synopsis of some sort and I will let you know!  I think this will be mutually beneficial for all, if gives authors and my blog exposure and gives readers exposure to some great works!  I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

End of Mae Awareness Month Continues: Guest Post From Angela!

Why Write?
Why do we write?
The hours are long and lonely.  We carve spare minutes out of the daily bustle sacrificing relax time for type time.  When our friends are out having coffee together we are sitting alone agonizing over verbiage and plots.  Like geese driven to the long flight writers force themselves to sit at their keyboards and create story from nothing. 
The words wake us up at night stealing our sleep, tales sneaking in as dreams... or are the dreams coming to life as stories.  We live in a world that has layers of reality.  Nothing is ever as it seems and every passerby is a character.  We are enslaved by syntax and the play of syllable against the tongue.  Rulers of our inner worlds, but like all good leaders we are its servant as well.  The creator is slave to creation.
Why do we write?  Like anything, we all have our reasons.  I write because words roll around in my head of their own accord, demanding to be set free.  They set themselves out to their own pattern, oblivious to my planning.  The plots spawn independently, fathered by chance meetings and nurtured in daydreams.  I couldn't stop the stories if I wanted to.  They come, unbidden, like phantoms full of secrets.  Like a medium I find myself serving two worlds - this one and the one waiting to be written.
Why do I write?  I spin words because they translate this strange world for me.  I write because I love the way words look, taste and feel in the mind.  I write because words save me.  Were I not to have words I would be locked up, insane and shuddering under the onslaught of images I would be helpless to stop.  Writing keeps my mind on its axis.  Words keep me in orbit.
Why do writers write?  Because we are.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

REVIEW: Shayla Witherwood: A Half-Faerie Tale

 Shayla Witherwood wishes she was an ordinary teenage girl, but she isn’t, she is actually half fairy.   Her mother died when she was young and her dad, though he cares, hasn’t really been in the picture for some time.  She lives currently with her grandma who for many years has been home schooling her along with her fairy trainer of sorts named Trebor.  Recently, though her grandma has decided it is time for her to go to public school.  It’s important to her because she wants Shayla to start learning the ways of the real world and how to acclimate herself to it; both her human and fairy half.

School starts off busy and confusing. Shayla quickly learns a good amount of the social hierarchy.  She makes friends, but also enemies, the head cheerleader Bree to be exact. Bree quickly decides that she hates her, because the guy Bree wants to date (who happens to be the quarterback of the football team), takes an interest in Shayla instead. 

She also has trouble with her science teacher who is anything but caring and by being strict helps her figure out her first half fairy problem.  At the end of every week there is a science lab and it is required that all students with long hair put there hair in a ponytail prior to the beginning of each lab.  Which to normal people may not seem like a big deal, but for Shayla it is because her ears are pointy and would totally give away that she is not your normal everyday teenage girl. There is also this weird sort of goth girl who shows up a few weeks after Shayla.  She’s quiet and nice, but to Shayla something seems off.

I enjoyed this book the story was well thought out, fun, and suspenseful.  I could at times really sympathize with her in certain situations because we all have something we have to deal with in life.

Friday, May 4, 2012

REVIEW: End Of Mae

I have re-reviewed this book for Angelas special re-introduction of her book End of Mae to world!  Its called End of Mae Awareness Month!  For more info on this awesome event visit her blog! The link is below!

I recently reread a book by my friend Angela Smith called End Of Mae.  The story is about Mae a reporter at her local newspaper looking to make it big as an investigative reporter.  She loves the smaller paper she works for, but feels she is destined for bigger and better things so she is always on the hunt for her “next big story”.  As the book begins we find her near her homeless friend Bea who is currently sleeping in a Frigidaire box.  Recently, their has been an influx of “pineys” or other homeless people like Bea disappearing and Mae wants to get to the bottom of why this is happening.  She has heard stories that some have thought that the disappearances have been the work of The Jersey Devil.

Her friend, currently asleep in her box it seems has peed herself.  So, Mae decides to pack it in for the night and is reaching down to grab her bag when she is blindsided with a smack from an unknown assailant.  She tries to get a way from the possible murderer, and gets a few good hits in, but is just as quickly overtaken and knocked out.   She wakes in a dark room with a strangely glowing floor. Where after some questioning from a mysterious voice she is beaten up after which she figures she will be left for dead.  The man that mysterious voice is connected to, however, has other plans.

I enjoyed this book a lot! It was scary without being too gory and very suspenseful. It is also shorter then most novels I read so it was easy to get through in only a few hours.

A Little about Angela……

I met Angela thru the virtual world platform of Second Life some time ago, or rather her as her avatar Dandilyon Jinx.  We bonded over books at a meet and greet meeting at MWGA (Magazine Writers Guide Association) headquarters.  Learn more about Angela by visiting her blog Dandilyon Fluff.


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