Tuesday, September 17, 2013

REVIEW: Aberrant

Ruth Silver
April 2013
Patchwork Press

Today’s Olive’s wedding day. She is 18 year old and that means having her future husband chosen for her by the government to marry. She gets very lucky and her best friend Joshua is chosen to be her husband.  All the happiness is evaporated, however, when officers storm her new home, arrest her and put her in jail.
While in jail she discusses with her mother why she was arrested (her mom was arrested too) and discovers that she was born. Being born is unheard of in this post-apocalyptic society as all babies are created in a lab because women are infertile.  Not wanting the information that the impossible is possible brought to the attention of the public, the government wants it “dealt with”.  Before her life is in jeopardy Joshua and his mother   help her escape through a series of tunnels.

They end up in a rebel town called Haven. Olive has more freedoms then she ever would have had in Genesis, but it some ways this new town is just as oppressive.

This book is a must read! I finished it in two days! I connected with Olive right away and felt for her while she learns how to be an adult through truths about the world and her existence in it.

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  1. Thank you so much Tarah for taking the time to read and review Aberrant :)



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