Tuesday, September 10, 2013

REVIEW: Hidden Wings

By Cameo Renae
January 2013
Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

She wakes up her arm twisted at an unnatural angle being wheeled on a stretcher into a hospital before losing consciousness again. The next time she wakes she her arm is in a cast and her body hurts all over, with a social worker telling her that her parent’s died in the car accident that left her with that broken arm.  Emma Wise is all alone.

The social worker tells Emma she has an aunt she never knew about that is her mom’s half-sister.  The woman is sending someone to come pick her up the next day.  Emma wonders why her mother never mentioned this great aunt, what her new life will be like and begins to grieve.

The next day she says a tearful goodbye to her friends and while doing so meets her “escort”. Before even seeing him she is swept away by the strangest feeling; like flying, pure exhilaration and joy making her stumble.  His name is Kade, and he along with some security whisk Emma to a remote area of Alaska.  On the way their she stops in a bathroom to freshen up and is attacked by a dark and creepy eyeless creature intent to kill her.  He calls her a Nephilim before being tackled by Kade while another whisks her away. What follows is discovery of a world she’s never known where she plays an integral part  and in which all manners of evil wish her dead.

This is a VERY good book! A must read for 2013 by far! The characters are deep and well developed. The book has a good pace and makes you yearn to turn the pages faster and faster for the answers which you and Emma seek.

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