Thursday, September 12, 2013


Donna Jo Napoli
August 2013

It all started with white lips.  Sep is gearing up for her first day of 11th grade when she looks in the mirror and sees that her lips are completely white. Her mother makes an appointment with her doctor 3 days from then, leaving Sep to wonder how she is going to hide her lips.  Never having worn much makeup Sep resorts to using a very old tube of very pink lipstick.
Once Sep sees her Doctor he says she probably has Vitiligo which means that patches of her skin lose their pigment. The spots start out small then expand. More spots start to appear she tries more and more to hide the spots as it gets worse. 
She handles the whole situation horribly and comes to the realization of what’s inside that counts way to late in the book. 

I know I haven’t written much of a review, but I really couldn't stand how this book played out.  Sep comes off as a completely stuck up girl who had a ton of chances to make the best of the situation and just was too self-centered to want to.  I suggest just skipping this book, its informative about the disorder, but nothing that can’t be Googled.

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