Tuesday, October 15, 2013

REVIEW: Endless

By Amanda Gray
October 2013

­Jenny is an outcast in her hometown. She wears gloves so she can’t get visions when she touches people.  These visions are always filled with sadness and agony.  Jenny does not know why she gets them, but has been dealing with it for as long as she can remember.   It is also part of the reason that she hesitates after being invited to a party by a co-worker.  Everything seems to be going well until one of the teens pulls out an Ouija board and insists jenny take part.  While doing it jenny passes out and has dream of herself floating and someone trying to reach for her but not quite getting a grasp.

            The night after the party Jenny has a dream…she is a Russian girl named Maria being tutored in painting along with her sister.  While working on a still life she crosses paths with the clock makers grandson who she has an instant attraction to. When jenny wakes she finds that she has somehow “sleep-painted” that same boy into each of the landscape paintings she has been working on.  They are to be displayed at an art show that next evening, but rather than erase him from the paintings she decides to keep him in each. finding he fits in perfectly.
The following evening at the art show she runs into someone who looks just like the boy in her paintings! She finds that she is instantly drawn to him, but before she can do little more than say hello he disappears.

Jenny’s father is an architect and spends much of his time helpings clients remodel their houses.  His latest client is a woman and her son Ben. The woman inherited the house from her great-uncle and is looking to “flip” it to make extra cash. Jenny meets Ben while measuring out his room for the blueprints that her father will draw up. Their first meeting does not go well with Ben acting rather aggressive having someone just come into his room uninvited.

This book is very good and jenny is a very likable main character.  Many of us can remember what it is like to an outcast, but jenny does well to make the most of her quiet; albeit lonely life.

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