Thursday, October 17, 2013

REVIEW: External Forces

Deborah Rix
September 2013
Dime Store Books

Jess wakes up one more with a mark on her stomach. At her prom she gets angry at a jock from her school and breaks his nose badly with time slowing down while she does it.  That could only mean one thing; she is a deviant.  To be one in this post-apocalyptic society is very dangerous. After a meteor crashed into the sea 100 years ago American closed it borders and set itself on a course for genetic superiority. A deviant is someone with a mutated gene and are considered dangerous, once found they are usually killed or pushed out of the gates into the unknown.  Due to another member of her family being one, she is soon to be called up for review by the Devotees. (The ruling group of America) So, Jess uses her talent for computer hacking to change her age and enroll in the military along with her best friend Jay. The military is mostly disconnected from the Devotees and Jess hopes that this will make it easier for her to keep her deviance a secret.

They go to a basic training of sorts where they are put through many tests to help officers decide in what group they should belong. Jess hopes to be placed in intelligence because hacking and other digital espionage is what she is good at.  She passes the challenges with flying colors, but she ends up getting put in Black Ops rather than where she wanted.  Jess is confused by this, but makes the best of it by beginning to get to know her fellow officers.  Matt, their sergeant is most confusing to Jess.  He always seems to be extra tough on her.  She often feels him staring intently at her during training sessions or even in the mess hall.  She also has another problem. She is thrown into a rage by another officer, Luke who daily goes out of his way to try and prove his superiority.  One day she sees him hassling Sheree a fellow member of her team and again time slows and he too is severely injured causing her mark to grow.

I enjoyed this book a lot!  It had and interesting in depth story that was well paced and explained.  Jess is the main character and very likable  but other characters also have a considerable amount of depth to them as well creating a full story. I cannot wait for the sequel!

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