Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Thoughts on Grammarly!

Recently,  Grammarly reached out to be an offered a 30 day free trial in exchange for an honest review of their service. So here goes!

The user interface is very easy to understand. All you need to do is copy and paste your text from your word processing program into the indicated spot.  You then click “start review” and then choose what kind of document you are creating.  I also like that there are different ways a piece can be edited depending on the type that it is.  When you click the review button you are asked what type of document it is from a drop down menu.  Some of the choices include creative, business and academic to name a few. 
The program also acts as a great teacher when showing you your mistakes, with detailed descriptions and examples. This is to not only show you how to fix the problem, but also how to keep from making the same mistake in the future.

I really enjoyed this product! As in anything being a blogger is about reputation. Readers judge you on a different scale since they do not know you in person. If your writing looks messy and unorganized, YOU look messy and unorganized. Grammarly helps combat that by helping you be the best writer that you can be.  Their attention to detail proves that they understand writers and their needs!  I strongly suggest even if you believe you are good with the commas and the semicolons to click the button at the top right! All it takes is one document to prove its worth!


  1. This is the first time I hear about Grammarly. Hmm... it does sound interesting. But, does it really correct up to 10 times more mistakes than a word processor? I've always used Word and I'm satisfied with it. I'll check it out. Thanks!

    Oana @All Fantasy Worlds

  2. I was skeptical too! I am also a word user and was pretty confident with it. Grammarly it seems goes deeper though, above and beyond spelling and sentence fragments. If I wasn't on a fix income presently I would have kept the premium service they provide as it really helped my writing.

    1. I see... Thanks for the info! Truth is... I'm not very good with commas and semicolons, so I should probably give it a try. :)



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