Thursday, December 5, 2013

REVIEW: Isaura

By Ruth Silver
December 2013
LazyDay Publishing

At the end of Morai, Olivia’s husband Joshua gets kidnapped by the former mayor of Genesis.  So, when we catch up With Olivia in the beginning of the 3rd novel Isaura, she is putting a small search-and-rescue team together. The city of Torv cannot spare many people now that the war has begun and; therefore, only a few volunteers are able to come along.  This includes her father as well as a former acquaintance for Haven.  The head of the ruins of Haven under the assumption that it is where Joshua is  taken to and when they get they are  met with a few surprises. One being that the mayor is not their only enemy.  Behind their backs,  Isaura has been gathering an army, as well as arming herself with the serum that gives the people Shadow their special powers.  Isaura is hell bent on taking over by whatever means necessary and it is up to Olivia and her friends to stop them.

They do meet some new allies in a city called Spade.  Their leader Hunter has built up his city to withstand any attack and offers his assistance in the search for Joshua.  The city of Spade has mostly been cut off from the world. Keeping under the radar and biding their time in waiting for the war.  After a showdown with Isaura in Shadow where many of the group barely get away, they retreat to Spade to regroup and plan their next offensive.  The goal is to put Isuara reign of terror to an end and make Cabel truly free.

As with the previous two novels I was very impressed. The book's pace was perfect, and I read it in its entirety in two days!  I am sad to see this series come to an end, but as all good things often do, it must. I suggest to anyone reading this review to pick up all three novels in this series. It would make a perfect Christmas present for yourself or someone you love!

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