Tuesday, December 3, 2013

REVIEW: Parasite

"I use Grammarly's plagiarism checker because I like to hang with participles!

By Mira Grant
November 2013

Mira Grant is one of my favorite authors ever since I read her first series “Newsflesh”,  So, when I heard she came out with her new series, Parasitology, I bought it the first chance I got.

The series begins with the first book “Parasite” where we meet Sally “Sal” Mitchell.  Six years ago she found herself brain-dead after a horrific care accident.  Miraculously, she wakes up, but with no memory of her former self and without the ability to speak.  In the present, she is a much more functional human being. She works at a local animal shelter and has a steady boyfriend.  Her personality is completely different from what it used to be.  Before the accident,  Sally was rude, rebellious, and a pretty big pain to live with most of the time. After the accident,  she is much sweeter and much more friendly.

Sally along with many others in the world has something inside her.  A company called Symbogen in the last 10 years has developed a genetically engineered tapeworm. The tapeworm called an Intestinal Bodyguard which takes the place of many different aspects of health.  It dispenses all medications including insulin and protects the body from cancer and sickness. Sally is Symbogen’s star of sorts as the company believes to have saved her from her car accident with their product.

One day while Sally is shopping at the mall with her sister they notice something strange. While eating in the food court, they see a little girl with a vacant stare walking towards the exit with her mother trying to hold her back.  The girl it seems does not even notice and continues to walk with another person with the same expression. Upset by this the sister’s hurry home and explain what happened to the rest of the family.  Sally’s sister and father are scientists for the military, but do not say anything to Sally about what could be the cause of the strange behavior.

This book is great! Fans of the Newsflesh trilogy would become just as enamored with this series.  It gets a little wordy at times while trying to explain the science behind the story, but without it the story would be confusing. I book ended with such a great cliffhanger and I cannot wait for the sequel!

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