Tuesday, September 17, 2013

REVIEW: Aberrant

Ruth Silver
April 2013
Patchwork Press

Today’s Olive’s wedding day. She is 18 year old and that means having her future husband chosen for her by the government to marry. She gets very lucky and her best friend Joshua is chosen to be her husband.  All the happiness is evaporated, however, when officers storm her new home, arrest her and put her in jail.
While in jail she discusses with her mother why she was arrested (her mom was arrested too) and discovers that she was born. Being born is unheard of in this post-apocalyptic society as all babies are created in a lab because women are infertile.  Not wanting the information that the impossible is possible brought to the attention of the public, the government wants it “dealt with”.  Before her life is in jeopardy Joshua and his mother   help her escape through a series of tunnels.

They end up in a rebel town called Haven. Olive has more freedoms then she ever would have had in Genesis, but it some ways this new town is just as oppressive.

This book is a must read! I finished it in two days! I connected with Olive right away and felt for her while she learns how to be an adult through truths about the world and her existence in it.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Donna Jo Napoli
August 2013

It all started with white lips.  Sep is gearing up for her first day of 11th grade when she looks in the mirror and sees that her lips are completely white. Her mother makes an appointment with her doctor 3 days from then, leaving Sep to wonder how she is going to hide her lips.  Never having worn much makeup Sep resorts to using a very old tube of very pink lipstick.
Once Sep sees her Doctor he says she probably has Vitiligo which means that patches of her skin lose their pigment. The spots start out small then expand. More spots start to appear she tries more and more to hide the spots as it gets worse. 
She handles the whole situation horribly and comes to the realization of what’s inside that counts way to late in the book. 

I know I haven’t written much of a review, but I really couldn't stand how this book played out.  Sep comes off as a completely stuck up girl who had a ton of chances to make the best of the situation and just was too self-centered to want to.  I suggest just skipping this book, its informative about the disorder, but nothing that can’t be Googled.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

REVIEW: Hidden Wings

By Cameo Renae
January 2013
Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

She wakes up her arm twisted at an unnatural angle being wheeled on a stretcher into a hospital before losing consciousness again. The next time she wakes she her arm is in a cast and her body hurts all over, with a social worker telling her that her parent’s died in the car accident that left her with that broken arm.  Emma Wise is all alone.

The social worker tells Emma she has an aunt she never knew about that is her mom’s half-sister.  The woman is sending someone to come pick her up the next day.  Emma wonders why her mother never mentioned this great aunt, what her new life will be like and begins to grieve.

The next day she says a tearful goodbye to her friends and while doing so meets her “escort”. Before even seeing him she is swept away by the strangest feeling; like flying, pure exhilaration and joy making her stumble.  His name is Kade, and he along with some security whisk Emma to a remote area of Alaska.  On the way their she stops in a bathroom to freshen up and is attacked by a dark and creepy eyeless creature intent to kill her.  He calls her a Nephilim before being tackled by Kade while another whisks her away. What follows is discovery of a world she’s never known where she plays an integral part  and in which all manners of evil wish her dead.

This is a VERY good book! A must read for 2013 by far! The characters are deep and well developed. The book has a good pace and makes you yearn to turn the pages faster and faster for the answers which you and Emma seek.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thanks to a new friend I have discovered a great site called Book Bub!  Essentially Book Bub takes the hassle out of searching for the freebies on amazon and other E-Book publishing outfits.  No more will I have to search for hours through “Customers also bought” looking for on sale or free for a time books within my favorite genre!  The best part of the whole site is that it is FREE! I sure do love that beautiful word.

It is very easy to sign up.  All you have to do when you land at the home page is type in your email in the box provided and verify said email through a message sent to your inbox. From then on you will be able to receive daily emails from Book Bub containing that days free deals.  Also during sign up you will be asked a couple of questions.  One being which e-reader you use (pretty sure you can choose more than one) and what genre’s you prefer to read.  This way Book Bub will send you the notifications for the type of books you like.  You can always go back and change answers to the questions later.

I am sad it took me so long to find this site, but it is better late than never.  Do you used Book Bub already? 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

REVIEW: Freak of Nature

By Julia Crane
January 2013
Valknut Press

Checking the “Donate body to science” in the event of her death on her driver’s license turned Kaitlyn into a self-professed “freak of nature”.  Kaitlyn has come back from the dead, no memories of her past and part cyborg. She is being perfected by scientists and various trainers to become a warrior.  An eccentric billionaire bent on created a new race of “superhuman” people has made this all possible. They have erased her emotions and her memories in hopes that she will be even more lethal if not hampered by emotions.  They failed, however, she does feel. She keeps that fact hidden on the advice of her friend Quess who is the granddaughter to one of the scientists and Kaitlyn’s only friend. It is difficult for Kaitlyn having emotions because she often feels conflicted when people try and talk to her.  Actions like rolling your eyes or sayings like “you’re telling me” are lost on her because the supercomputers inside her can’t process such things correctly. So, she may feel emotions and understand nine languages, but truly comprehending for her is difficult.
This is especially true when it comes to Lucas.  He is another scientist and a genius having received his Master’s degree at the age of 17.  She is around him often as they continue to improve and perfect her to be sold.  Though she hides her emotions from others she can barely keep herself in check when he is around, always fighting the thought of touching him and daydreaming about him almost daily.  She wants to tell him how she feels so he can help her understand, but she is afraid that if she does he will try to “fix her” and erase her emotions.

This book in my opinion is awesome! Lucas and Kaitlyn tell their story in alternating chapters. The book has a good pace to it and you really connect with both of them.  I especially felt for Kaitlyn and am glad I will never have to know what it is like to be part robot. I encourage you to pick up this book and read it!


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