Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review: Deviation

Ven is an imitation and in the sequel of the novel by the same name, she continues on her mission to save those like her.  To do that she knows she must kill Titus Rogen, but could there be someone pulling his strings too? Someone who is even more powerful?

In the beginning of this novel we find Ven aka Raven Rogen’s Imitation forced to interrogate the leaders of a rebel faction.  In the last novel she helped them move her friends, also imitations to a new space to hide.  The interrogation does not go well, with one killing themselves and the other not saying a word.  The good news is for the moment her fellow imitations are safe being kept in the abandoned basement of her friend Obidiah fathers business.  She tries to visit them as much as possible, but sadly due to Titus’s tight grip it’s not nearly as often as she would like.

Things with Linc are better than ever.  They still have to sneak around for any alone time, but their love is strong.  Titus though is aware of their relationship and makes sure that Ven knows that if she disobeys that Linc or any of the other people she cares about will be hurt.

I enjoyed the action in this book, though the abuse can get downright uncomfortable at times I admire Ven for continuing to stay strong throughout. Titus’s evil knows no bounds and it’s sickening the levels to which he sinks to keep order.  You also see underneath though a bit of fear when he speaks to one person.  I truly believe the truest evil might be that person. This book is worth the price and I read it quickly over two days.

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