Wednesday, March 26, 2014

REVIEW: The Haven by Carol Lynch Williams

In The Haven by Carol Lynch Williams, we are introduced to a resident of The Haven in the Year 2020.  The Haven is the only place she and her fellow residents have ever known.  They are told that the outside world is dangerous; plagued with a disease that has killed millions.  They are also told within each of them could be the cure.

Shiloh is a rarity among residents of The Haven; she can remember things.  This is rare because each night the residents are given a tonic which supposedly is like liquid vitamins, but also helps them forget the previous day when they wake up each morning.  Shiloh remembers though and fears every day that another person she knows will be taken. When doctors find evidence of the plague in a resident’s body they remove it. Sometimes taking a limb, sometimes an organ and sometimes it’s fatal.  Shiloh remembers everyone that has been taken.

Her friend Gideon is a rarity too.  He believes there is a cure and that the staff and faculty of the facility are keeping it from them.  He is treading on dangerous ground though as descent is not tolerated and can result in higher doses of the tonic or worse…

As a fan of dystopian YA I knew pretty much immediately I was going to enjoy this book.  Shiloh is a very likeable main character which I could relate to.  My having a disability sometimes means that I don’t have control over situations as much as I would like. So, when Shiloh had similar feelings I felt for her. 

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