Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Review: Creator by Tiffany Truitt

In the beginning of the Creators, Tess has just witnessed a miracle of sorts. Standing before her is her father.  After the shock wears off she and her dad go to meet up with their groups of friends, or in her father’s case soldiers.   She finds out the girl who attacked her at the end of the previous novel was sent by her father to prevent her from meeting George.  Not much time is given to catching up on old times and after some heated discussions among the group, they make their way back to their old isolationist camp.
Tess has two big things on her mind throughout this book. One being James her boyfriend, having seen him give himself up to George to protect her, she worries for his safety. Her second worry is for her sister Louisa who is still pregnant.  The pregnancy is hard on her small frame and even how she became that way still weighs on her mentally.

The girl’s father seems to have a big master plan to destroy the chosen ones of the western settlement.  Even going as far as making sure guards keep watch over a special “package” that he says is very important to their mission.  Tess having not seen her father in many years is weary of him and his army.  Why did he abandon her and the rest of the family all those years ago? Does he have an agenda?

I am a big fan of dystopian YA novels as many of you know so of course I enjoyed this book! It was the third and final book in a series, but trust me not having read the first two there was enough information to catch me up. The story is engrossing and heartfelt Tess considers the people she surrounded herself with her family even more so in some cases then her actual one.


  1. Oh, noooo! I read the first paragraph before realizing that this isn't a review, but a summary of what happens in the book. Ugh. What am I going to do now? How can I start reading the series knowing what happens next?

    I am going to cry now. The cover was so pretty and I got sooo excited. I'll have to wait a few years to forget everything I just read in order to be able to really enjoy the series.

    Next time, please alert us to spoilers! :'(

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