The Sesame Me

(This pic was originally posted on my sisters website uncharted heart)

When I was nine years old I was on a wheelchair sports team at the local children's hospital.  We raced, did obstacle courses, all kinds of cool things!  One day a talent scout for Sesame Street called my couch and said that for it's 25th season it wanted to try and diversify it's cast.  One of the roles they were looking to fill was a person with a disability.  The person said they were holding open auditions on a certain date and if my couch knew anyone that would be good at the role to give them the info.   Well, he did and after three auditions I got the part!  I was a part of the child cast till I was 16. It was a hard decision to make  leaving the show, but I was in high school by then and schoolwork was getting tougher and starting to suffer.  I hope one day to get back into acting if I get really lucky like a soap opera or maybe another kids show! Only time will tell!  Below are some videos you can watch and I'll add more stuff as time goes on that fits here.

An interview that was done about me in 2007 by a local PBS station.


  1. These are so fabulous Tarah! I never knew this amazing thing about you... what other secrets are you keeping? ;p

  2. How exciting!! This is really cool!!



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